Director’s Welcoming

  • Recognizing the challenges of problems associated with Energy, Environment, Water, and Sustainability, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has launched a multi-disciplinary research and education initiative, entitled "The EEWS Research Center," to explore new research areas and innovate technologies in alliance with the leading research institutes and industrial corporations worldwide. All relevant Research Institutes such as Nano Technology, BioCentury, and Design of Complexity Systems and 18 Academic Departments are participating in this Research Center.

    In 2013, 150 professors have joined the activities of EEWS Fellow, and 19 research projects have launched on Hydrogen Energy, Solar Energy, CO2 Sequestration, Fuel Cell, Super Insulation, Clean Automobile, Biological Environment Recovery, Recycle Waste and Water Desalination. An illustrative architecture that a project team pursues is the following.

    The Office of EEWS Research Center organizes international collaboration, multi-disciplinary academic programs, joint research projects with international research institutes and industry, international conference, and national planning on EEWS.

  • Seunghyup Yoo
    Director of EEWS Research Center