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Emerging PV technologies
[co-organized with Asian Conf. on Organic Electronics (A-COE) 2017]
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  • About A-COE

    Asian Conference on Organic Electronics (A-COE) serves as a premier platform for exchange of cutting-edge activities and new ideas developed by Asian researchers for organic electronics. Since its inauguration in 2009 when the 1st A-COE was held in Kyushu, Japan, this yearly event had been held while changing its venue in the order of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. In 2015, China also joined A-COE as a new host, further corroborating A-COE as truly a key Asian event in organic electronics. Its topics include but are not limited to organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for display and lighting, solar cells based on organic or similar emerging materials, organic thin-film transistors and integrated circuits made thereof, organic sensors, flexible and stretchable electronics, and, not to mention, fundamental physics and chemistry of organic semiconductors.

    Organizing committee for A-COE 2017

    • Conference Chairs
      • • Profs. Seunghyup Yoo & Jung-Yong Lee (KAIST, Korea)
    • Program Chair
      • • Prof. Bumjoon Kim (KAIST, Korea)
    • Conference Vice-Chairs
      • • Prof. Hironori Kaji (Kyoto Univ., Japan; Chair of 8th A-COE)
      • • Prof. Chun Sing Lee (CUHK, Hong Kong, China)
      • • Prof. Fu Rong Zhu (Hongkong Baptist Univ., Hong Kong, China)

    Advisory board for A-COE 2017

    • • Chihaya Adachi (Kyushu U., Japan; Chair of 1st A-COE)
    • • Jang-Joo Kim (Seoul Nat'l U., Korea; Chair of 2nd A-COE)
    • • Yun Chi (Nat'l Tsing Hua U., Taiwan; Chair of 3rd A-COE)
    • • Ken-Tsung Wong (Nat'l Taiwan U., Taiwan; Chair of 3rd A-COE)
    • • Chung-Chih Wu (Nat'l Taiwan U., Taiwn; Chair of 3rd A-COE)
    • • Junji Kido (Yamagata U., Japan; Chair of 1st and 4th A-COE)
    • • Kilwon Cho (POSTECH, Korea; Chair of 5th A-COE)
    • • Tsung-Fang Guo (Nat'l Cheng-Kung U., Taiwan; Chair of 6th A-COE)
    • • Dechun Zou (Peking U., China; to be confirmed; Chair of 7th A-COE)

  • Jung-Yong Lee
    Professor, KAIST
    Chair of Workshop
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  • Online Registration:
    Registration site : https://www.ioel.kaist.ac.kr/a-coe2017-registration
  • Registration Free
    Online pre-registration Onsite registraion
    Regular(US$500) Regular(US$500)
    Student(US$300) Student(US$300)
  • Those who register before the pre-registration due will receive admittance to banquet, welcome reception, and lunch. Only limited resources and seats may be available to those who register later or at the site.

  • Contact Jonghyeon Noh E-mail. johou5325@kaist.ac.kr
    Tel. +82-42-350-1762