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Advanced Technology and Future of Next Generation Energy Storage System
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    Since 2008 when KAIST launched "EEWS (Energy, Environment, Water, and Sustainability) Initiative", the KAIST has established a multi-disciplinary research and educational system. For several years, KAIST EEWS has promoted interdisciplinary research, focusing on natural environment, human health, climate change, and energy storage. Annual international workshop also provided opportunity to collaborate and share progress. In this year on the International Workshop on EEWS 2016 - Advanced Technology and Future of Next Generation Energy Storage System, we invited researchers from various fields related to diverse energy storage systems, including lithium ion battery, sodium ion battery, Li-S battery, solid state electrolytes, etc. The workshop would provide opportunity to share our knowledge on technology and advances on energy storage system. We cordially invite scholars, academic researchers, practitioners, and students to participate and discuss the progress and future of next generation energy storage system. We look forward to meeting all of you at the workshop.

  • Prof. Do Kyung Kim
    Professor, KAIST
    Chair of Workshop
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  • Contact Jieun Wang E-mail. jewang405@kaist.ac.kr Tel. +82-42-350-4158