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Technology Exchange on Wind Energy Research between DTU and KAIST
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  • Invitation

    KAIST has been hosting the annual International Workshop on EEWS (Energy, Environment, Water, and Sustainability) since 2008 with the objective of establishing a multi-disciplinary research and educational system to investigate the innovative technologies for EEWS. One of the key issues for this purpose is to develop new technologies for innovative wind turbine technology. Thus KAIST EEWS is organizing a special workshop on Wind Energy Research Exchange between DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and KAIST to be held on August 17 through 18, 2016 at DTU Lynby Campus, in Denmark.
    This workshop will present the insight and research outcomes of new wind energy research by two groups from the institutions. DTU Wind Energy is a globally leading department for wind energy with scientific and engineering competences in the international front and with a unique integration of research, education, innovation and public/private sector consulting. The KAIST EEWS Floating Wind Energy project team is comprised of truly multidisciplinary members including leading researchers in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and marine engineering from the Department of Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering along with researchers from KAIST Institute for Disaster Studies putting synergistic research effort to develop new floating offshore wind energy system technology with competitive edge.
    We cordially invite academic researchers, field researchers, industrial practitioners and students worldwide to participate and exchange ideas for the advancement of new wind energy technologies.

  • Soonhung Han
    Professor, KAIST
    Chair of Workshop
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    Pre-registration due: July 01 ~ August 17, 2016
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  • Contact Yong Yook Kim E-mail. yykim@kaist.ac.kr Tel. +82-42-350-7173